My Bucket List

  • Start a family with Milo
  • Publish one of my many novels
  • Travel to Europe (again and preferably with Milo this time)
  • Go to Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor
  • See the Grand Canyon 4/1/2012
  • Go to the Caribbean
  • Learn to swing dance
  • Visit Australia and snorkle/dive the barrier reef
  • Swim with dolphins
  • St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  • Tour the castles of Scottland
  • Go on a cruise
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Watch the Zombie Marathon
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Visit San Francisco
  • See Mount Rushmore
  • Go to Mardi Gras
  • See Central Park
  • Go white water rafting
  • Be in a musical or play
  • See the world from the crown of Lady Liberty
  • See Atlanta
  • See the Mall of America
  • Go to the Great Wall of China
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Travel first class
  • See the entire Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • See the pyramids
  • Go on a roller coaster that flips 12/30/11
  • Go to Boston
  • Go to Philadelphia
  • Renew our wedding vows on the beach
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go reverse sky diving12/29/11
  • Fly an airplane
  • Visit Elle in Peru
  • Go to Rio for Carnival
  • Visit Milo’s cousins in Thailand
  • Ride on an elephant
  • See Disney World again (originally completed 8/1988)
  • Visit all of Milo’s family that will have us
    • Martin in DC 5/2010
    • Susan in Lee’s Summit 11/2011
    • Mom and Dad in Midland 7/2011
  • Ride the London Eye
  • Ride a mechanical bull
  • Eat at Grey’s Pappaya’s
  • See Versailles
  • Greek Island Hop
  • Ride in a horse drawn carriage 11/25/11

Items not included above but completed (some had been on a prior “To Do” list):

  • Travel to Europe: Contiki trip May 2009, taken alone!
    • Rode a Red Double Decker Bus aroundLondon(alone!)
    • Traveled to the top of theEiffelTower
    • Visited my favorite art at the Louvre
    • Tried Escargot
    • Walked from the Arc de Triumph to the Obelisk along the Champs
    • Used French to obtain directions while inParis
    • Rode in a cable car over to the top ofMountStanserhorn
    • Ate pork shoulder at the Hofbrauhaus inMunich
    • Tried gelato in several Italian cities
    • Rode a gondola inVenice
    • Saw David inFlorence
    • VisitedPisaandPompeii
    • Saw the Vatican, Sistine Chapel andSt. Peters
    • TraveledRomeand made a wish at the Trevi Fountain
    •  Slept on a boat traveling overnight to anew city
    • Used the metro in multiple cities and rode a tour bus
    • Steered a boat
    • Went parasailing, tubing and rode a banana boat
    • Had a toga party inGreece!
    • Saw the Acropolis
    • Flew on a plane internationally alone!
  • Rode the NYC subway for the first time 11/2005 (Yes, before that I had taken the bus!)
  • Whale watch: 1/1/2012 (spotted Orcas and dolphins!)
  • See Disney California Advneture 12/30/11 and 12/21/11
  • Do one of those free fall rides (Pima County fair Spring 2010)
  • Pet a shark 1/1/12
  • Pet a sea anemone 1/1/12
  • Pet a starfish 1/1/12
  • Pet a jellyfish 1/1/12
  • Ride the Tower of Terror 12/30/11
  • Ride Space Mountain 11/2010
  • Feel an Earthquake 6/2005 (Long Beach)
  • Eat at Pink’s Hotdogs 8/2009
  • Hike the Hollywood trail 8/2009
  • Row a boat 7/2011
  • Make pancakes for 100 people 7/2011
  • Ride in a canoe/race a canoe 7/2011
  • See Mackinac Island and stay in the Grand Hotel 7/2011
  • See where Milo grew up 7/2011
  • Visit Washington DC 5/2010
  • See Catalina Island and San Diego 6/2010
  • Have a monkey themed wedding 10/10/10
  • Meet Jane Seymour and Joe Lando (plus more from the Dr. Quinn cast) 4/1999
  • Meet Kelly Clarkson 5/2005 and 3/2007
  • Go to a filming of American Idol (and then the wrap party!) 5/2004
  • Win a trip (to LA for a WB tour and show filming; 2005)
  • Meet the cast of the NBC soap Passions (too many times from 2001-2004)
  • Meet Ray Romano 5/2004
  • Graduate College…twice (5/2003 and 8/2009)
  • Visit Los Angeles 7/1998
  • Hike Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon 4/2008
  • See Malibu 5/2007
  • Have Fondu (done multiple times; I can’t remember the date of the first)
  • Eat sushi (again, can’t remember the date of the first. I want to say 2007)
  • Move across country 6/1998
  • Move alone 6/2005 and 10/2009
  • Travel alone for the first time 7/1998 (and I haven’t stopped since!)
  • See David Beckham play (and I met him!) 2/2012
  • Gamble in Vegas and see the strip 3/2012
  • Be spontaneous: Random side trip to the Grand Canyon 4/2012

4 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Tawnya says:

    We can do some of these in bundles and together! Your list makes mine look pathetic. 🙂

  2. Mom and Dad says:

    As far as number 44 goes, you two are welcome anytime in Apache Junction, AZ or in Midland, MI , so whenever you can, come ahead!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  3. jdp64 says:

    I only hope that you are alive long enough to complete this entire list and many more dreams… forever.


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