Chemo Dates

Chemo is definitely on Fridays, per the doctor, and I know many people have expressed interest in attending with me.  I really appreciate the company and thought it might be easiest to have people volunteer for dates that work for them…which requires people knowing what those dates are.  I went through what I thought “four months” of treatments would be and tried to figure out the dates that they would give me.  These are not set in stone yet so I will update this when I can.  The name in parenthesis is the person that volunteered to attend that week.

As treatments progress I might need other things: someone to hang out with when I can’t be alone, some help cleaning our place (as my white cell count drops it will be easier for me to get sick) or even just someone to force feed me. Milo and I have decided to ask for and accept help, just let me know if you’re willing and able.

As for the dates, here they are tentatively.

Cycle 1: Cisplatin and Gemzar
 26 @9:15  (Milo)

 2 @8:30 (Tawnya)
16 @10 (Milo)
23 @10 (Tawnya)

7 @10:30 (Malika)
14 @10 (Malika)
28 @10:30 (Malika)

4 @10:30 (Malika)
18 @10 (Malika)
29 @10:30 (No treatment!)

Cycle 2: Irinotecan
6 @9 (Milo)
20 @11 (Malika and Milo)

3 @11


Support is always welcome.

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