Still Hospitalized

Since I am using my phone (which I hate) and I am groggy from meds, I am going to make this brief.  I have been mostly hospitalized for the last month.  I am being treated for the blood clots, the cancer and an unknown infection.  I am just so tired of being here, but the four liters of oxygen via oxymizer (it intensifies the oxygen), the weekly draining of fluid and the fevers of unknown origin are keeping me tethered to the hospital.

I want to go home!

Prayers, as always, are welcome and appreciated.  I will hopefully write a more detailed experience at a later time.


9 thoughts on “Still Hospitalized

  1. Ed and Geneva Kennedy says:

    We look forward to every post.Our heart and prayers are with you and we only wish we could share some of the pain for you.Know that we care so much..

    Uncle Ed and Aunt Geneva

  2. Meghan says:

    We want you to go home too 🙂 Get well soon! HUGS!!!!

  3. Peggy Kiss says:

    PRAYERS!!! PRAYER!!! S PRAYERS!!! I love you. Try to take one day at a time.. Wish I were closer to help out someway. No, you wouldn’t want me to start IV’s. Aunt Peggy

  4. Eleana Zavala Toia says:

    Hi dear Janine you are always in our hearts , very beautiful memories with you and Milo. Our hole family are every day praying for you and Milo too because both of you are one. I will like too know if you could tape conversation to Milo about how much you love him, how do you feel during your marriage time , probably I will talk about recomendation for the husband about things that probably always forget or you are always reminding him. We all love you so much and desire all the time the best for you. Your peruvian friends Pedro Eleana Eleanita Kathyta Pedrito. LOVE YOU SO MUCHEnviado desde Samsung Mobile

  5. LaNe says:

    i love u i love u i love u!!! prayers are always going ur way!!!

  6. jdp64 says:

    My beautiful daughter,
    As I watch you in the hospital, and help when I can, my heart feels heavier, and heavier. I can still remember, like it was yesterday, the first time I held you and looked into those beautiful blue eyes. So trusting….

    I even watch you sleep, when you do, all the time praying, praying and praying for miracles to happen.

    All the positive I can give you is to remember the song you told me about, it’s the only way to peace. We love you more than life itself.

    Mom and Dad

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t help myself. Today I prayed that I could find a TARDIS to send you.

    Love and prayers.

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