Moving Forward

On Friday, I had received a call from Dr. Brooks about the possibility of seeing Dr. Von Hoff.  Dr. Brooks had been contacted by Dr. Von Hoff’s office, who requested my files be forwarded to them.  He asked that I call and give them the nudge they might need to actually get the ball rolling, but I wanted to give them a chance to actually have the files in their hands before I nudged too hard.  It turned out to be a wise choice; Von Hoff’s office closes at noon on Friday and no one would have had the opportunity to see my paperwork.

On Sunday evening, Milo and I had just finished decorating the house for Christmas when his cell rang.  It was my mother-in-law, who had just had the opportunity to catch up on blog posts.  When we had been to see Milo’s parents in November, they asked what they could do to help.  You would think that there’d be plenty of things to ask for in this time, but really Milo and I are not particularly good at asking for help.  It took us nearly a week to ask my parents to set up dinners for us a few nights a week when Milo works particularly late.  People have offered food, money, and house cleaning services, but we are always so reluctant to need to depend on other people.  Milo and I seem far too determined to do things on our own; we’re stubborn that way.  When people ask what they can do for us, we often just shrug and say we’ll get back to them when we have some idea.  Of course, we never seem to come up with ideas until after we are beyond needing them.

Thankfully, my in-laws are more on top of things than we are.  When my parents-in-law saw that my treatments might by in Scottsdale (two hours from our home in Tucson), they offered to give us a place to stay, take me to treatments and sit with me.  They also offered to make sure I had a way to get back to Tucson if I stayed with them and Milo was down here working.  Since Milo can’t possibly miss too much work to get me to treatments and I can’t drive on chemo days (usually because the anti-nausea meds can make me awfully tired), this was a huge help.  It would also save on a lot of time if I could be in the Phoenix area prior to treatments and not be rushing to get there from Tucson.  I literally cried I was so relieved to have such a kind offer from them.

It turns out the offer was also necessary.  Monday I was contacted by Dr. Von Hoff’s office to schedule my first appointment.  This consultation would decide if I made it into one of their clinical trials.  I will be seeing Dr. Weiss, one of the partners at the clinic, on Friday morning.  Hopefully, I’ll know whether or not they will accept me before we even leave the office.  I’m a little disappointed I will not get to meet Dr. Von Hoff; the article about him had truly inspired me and uplifted my spirits.  I really think he has something up his sleeve, even if it won’t work for me.  The man was sent to this world to be an oncologist and to make leaps in curing cancer.  I know this for a fact; he’s a Godsend.  Still, I look forward to learning what Dr. Weiss can do for me.  Fingers cross for remission!

As a little side note, I discovered another really good article about cancer research.  It’s funny; I’ve seen articles about cancer before, but I never really noticed how many were written on almost a daily basis.  It’s like buying a car and then seeing the same vehicle everywhere.  Today’s article is about a California teen who may have discovered a particle that targets cancer cells.  Her research might take a few decades before it is a viable treatment, but it is impressive nonetheless.  If interested, you can read the full article here:


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. charlotte says:

    MI am so glad that milo’s parents can offer u a place to stay. I did the article on dr. Von hoff and I was impressed by him and I do believe this is going to get u well. All my love and always in my prayers

  2. Cora says:

    It must run in the family. Your husbands sister Lyn drove me to every chemo session. She sat with me and we would talk the way girls do – about everything and nothing. Sometimes she would go out and get me some tacos. Most people getting chemo can’t eat, however, this was not the case with me. I craved tacos while on chemo 😮
    I will never forget her support and kindness for as long as I live.

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