Please Help Support My Cause

Hi everyone who has been kind enough to read!

Today I’m posting something a little fast before I get into the meat of my cancer craziness again.  I’m going to ask you to support a cause I care a lot about, something I discovered on Facebook that has actually aided me so very much.  The cause: I2Y Cancer AKA I’m Too Young! Cancer Organization.  The group supports young adults (ages 14 to 40) who have been diagnosed with cancer and feel alone.  It is, as I have mentioned in the past, a very lonely disease.  People can try to understand, even those who have had cancer before have some clue, but it’s different for everyone.  Things I worry about are not the same things that someone older than me might have as the same concern.  This place unites me with those that have the same worries and provides support to all of us: those that are struggling now and those who have made it past the treatment phase.

Yearly, they have a cancer summit.  This year it takes place in Vegas and will have conferences where cancer patients, survivors and caregivers can join together and learn techniques to get through the loneliness and deal with the issues at hand.  It gives us a chance to make new friends that do understand exactly what we are going through.

My goal: raise $5000.  If I can do this, I will not only get to attend the conference on a scholarship, but could also walk away with a gift pack that includes an iPad (which is awfully handy when you are sitting at chemo for 4 hour stints!).  The money supports all the projects I2Y supports, including efforts to extend research into cancer and its affects on those my age (because recently scientists realized that they have no idea what the long term effects are on the young adults with cancer or how to even treat young adult cancers sometimes!)  It can not only save a life, but it can also save some sanity.

Some facts:

  • Every 8 minutes, a young adult is diagnosed with cancer.
  • Every hour, a young adult loses the battle with cancer.
  • 70,000 Americans between 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer each year.

To donate to my specific cause (and help me raise $5000 by Feb 28, 2012), visit:

For more information on I2Y, visit their site here.


Support is always welcome.

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