Chemo: Weekend Two

After the weekend I now refer to as “My Exorcist Audition”, I wasn’t really looking forward to another dose of chemotherapy.  I spent the better part of the first week fighting off bouts of nausea, though at least the ativan allowed me to eat.  By Thursday, I was finally feeling human again and looking forward to my dear friend Paula coming to visit for the weekend.  I only feared what would happen when I was given my next dose of chemo on Friday morning.

I arrived and had my appointment with the nurse practitioner, who really didn’t have a lot of news for us.  She confirmed that my symptoms hadn’t really changed, asked how my nausea had been since the addition of the new medication and then left it open for questions.  I didn’t have many except finally getting back to swimming (I need some kind of activity besides drinking ensure, taking pills, sleeping and reading charts).  She was fine with my swimming whenever I felt I was up for it.  Finally, I might get out of the apartment!

Tawnya was my chemo buddy for the day and I felt so incredibly lucky to have her around.  She kept the mood light, laughing with me and Carla and even running out for food and drinks when we started to get hungry.  It was nice just to have someone there to distract me and to spend time with someone I don’t get to see as often as I would like.  Chemo Friday is becoming a nice way, ironically, to get together with the people I love.

Fortunately, the chemo effects were so much milder this week.  I was able to tolerate food, I never changed colors and I was able to spend time doing things rather than just sleeping.  Paula, Malika and I were able to go get our nails done, see a movie and eat really delicious food as made by Paula.  What I did notice, however, were the symptoms were worse at night.  During a birthday party we were having for Chris, I was unable to keep food down and slept through most of the party (Sorry Chris!).  I also found that constipation is a major issue and I need to be more aggressive in preventing it.  This week I am lucky enough not to have another dose of chemo and hope that I can enjoy one week without feeling queasy.  Only ten treatments left!


One thought on “Chemo: Weekend Two

  1. Bill says:

    I am glad week two went better and you have a friend with you during your chemo.

    You are a good writer.

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