Spotlight: Fertile Action

Dr. Brooks wasn’t certain that there were fertility specialists that could help me located in Tucson.  I hadn’t done any research, so I didn’t know either.  What he had were business cards for Alice Crisci, who founded a company called Fertile Action.  He recommended I call her and she would guide me on my process to fertility preservation.

Alice is amazing.  That’s the only word for her.  She immediately made me feel comfortably talking to her and giving her the details of my story.  As a cancer survivor herself, she knew what it felt like to have the rug pulled out from under you (or as I told her I was hit by a train no one warned me was coming.)  She was certain she could help.  To top it off, she gave me her cell phone number to call her whenever I needed to talk, not just about the fertility issue but having cancer in general.  It was really nice to feel a little less lonely.

Within hours, she sent me an email that a doctor in Tucson, Scot Hutchison, would be willing to do an egg harvest for me for free.  I couldn’t believe it.  Not only had Alice worked magic and found me a doctor to save my future babies, but she had also managed to find someone so remarkably generous that he would do it for free.  While I understand that these physicians make a fortune from people who cannot conceive on their own, making money from my plight didn’t seem out of character from the many physicians you hear about.  Dr. Hutchison is completely different and I am exceedingly grateful for his generosity.

Fertile Action helps women like me every day and they get paid nothing for their services.  Donations are always welcome to the charity.  If you know anyone who has been touched by cancer, please reach out to this company.  They make having children after cancer possible for women.  We deserve that.


Support is always welcome.

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